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Runway 2 Life has been able to create a lasting legacy of it's own over the years.


Runway 2 Life evolved from a concept, to reality in 2017, rooted in a deeply personal journey. Witnessing my mother's prolonged battle with depression spurred a profound sense of empathy and determination within me. Instead of feeling powerless, I chose to confront the issue head-on. This decision marked a pivotal moment as I sought out resources and education, aiming to better understand mental illness and provide meaningful support to my mother and others facing similar challenges.

In this pursuit, I discovered the transformative potential of integrating faith and spiritual discipline into the healing process. Recognizing the profound impact of addressing both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of mental health, Runway 2 Life was born. Our mission became clear: to bridge the gap between mental health care and faith in Christ, offering holistic healing that nurtures both the mind and spirit. Since our inception, we have grown to become a beacon of hope and resilience, guiding individuals towards inner strength and renewed purpose. As we continue to expand our reach, we remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our community with compassion and dedication to lasting wellness.


Our journey with Runway 2 Life has been marked by countless stories of transformation and hope. Since our inception, we have been privileged to witness individuals rediscover their resilience and embark on new pathways to healing through our integrated approach. By fostering a supportive community grounded in faith and understanding, we empower individuals to confront their mental health challenges with courage and renewed faith in Christ. 

As we look to the future, our commitment remains unwavering. We strive to expand our impact, reaching more individuals in need and advocating for a holistic approach to mental wellness. Our vision is to continue illuminating the path towards mental and spiritual flourishing, ensuring that no one faces these challenges alone. Together, with our dedicated team and compassionate supporters, we stand firm in our mission to bring healing, hope, and renewed purpose to those navigating the complexities of mental health.

Runway 2 Life has helped me overcome depression and anxiety and helped me find my purpose through Christ.

Runway 2 Life Client


Over the years, Runway 2 Life has been blessed to be in partnership with some incredible brands and businesses. In partnership with nationally recognized brands, as well as local mental health organizations, Runway 2 Life has been able to provide support, education, and motivation to those who battle depression and suicidal thoughts helping them to find hope and freedom.

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