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In the face of a major crisis, we need a major solution. Our approach integrates faith and psychology to offer holistic healing for mental health challenges.


Runway 2 Life addresses the mental health crisis by integrating faith and spiritual disciplines with psychological knowledge and support. We recognize that true healing encompasses both the psychological and spiritual dimensions of an individual. By bridging this gap between psychological science and spiritual care, we offer a holistic approach to mental well-being.


Our programs empower individuals to explore and strengthen their faith while receiving evidence-based psychological support, fostering resilience and inner healing. Together, we aim to provide comprehensive care that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit, promoting lasting transformation and wellness.

Initial Consultation & Next Steps

Love of God, Word of God, & Identity

Deliverance & Discipleship

In our discipleship process, the first step begins with an initial consultation where we assess your mental health and listen to your faith journey and goals. From there, we outline personalized next steps tailored to deepen your faith and foster spiritual and psychological growth.

During our discipleship process, we explore the foundational aspects of the Love of God, understanding His Word, and discovering your identity in Christ. These pillars guide personal growth and deepen spiritual connection with God.

Along this process, we explore deliverance—freedom from spiritual bondage—and guide you through nurturing your growth in faith and spiritual development.

Basics of Spiritual Warfare & Authority

Growing in the Prophetic

Maintaining Community

We teach the fundamentals of spiritual warfare and spiritual authority, empowering you to effectively navigate spiritual challenges and exercise your spiritual authority in Christ.

We also guide you in growing in the prophetic, nurturing your ability to hear and discern God's voice and to speak His truth with clarity, compassion, and boldness.

We emphasize the importance of maintaining community and fostering relationships that support and encourage spiritual growth and accountability.


Runway 2 Life has empowered me to navigate my life with renewed faith and inner strength. Their support and spiritual wisdom has been transformative in my life.

Runway 2 Life Client



If you feel led to support the mission of Runway 2 Life, then the best way to do so is through donating or partnering with us. We offer monthly financial partnerships for those that are interested, as well as 1 time donations.

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